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Zening Wholistic Specialises In Medical, PreNatal, & Standard Massage Therapy.  Our Massages & Body Therapy Are Recommended For The Relief Of Pain, Injury & Tension, Emotional Stress & Anxiety; For Prenatal Wellness & Relaxation. We Also Provide Workplace Stress Solutions And Natural Wellness Guidance.


We Are Your Access To Pharmaceutical Grade Dietary Supplements from the most reliable manufacturers: Life Extension Foundation, Pure Encapsulations Douglas Labs and others. We supply their products at the best prices.


Zening's  Massage Therapist are some of the most effective you will find in the area, with greater combined experience than the age of anyone of us.  

Our studio is committed to providing the best massage/body therapy experience possible whether you are a pro-athlete looking to restore function from a demanding training schedule or injury, or just need to reduce stress and unwind.


 Our team of practitioners has the skills and intuition to provide solutions to your massage therapy needs, it is in our nature to try.


 We are a private practice. The quality of our services reflects our expertise in the massages, body therapies and Wellness/Detox Protocols that we do.


We work with the principles Of Wholistic/Holistic Wellness and are committed to the well-being of our guests and work for the best results we can get. 

Moreover, we encourage integrative healing technology and provide coaching to help people formulate a wellness plan to realize realistic natural wellness goals.


The preceding paragraphs summarise what we offer if anything here is what you are looking for you are welcome to visit.


You, Will, Feel a Difference!

Our Studio Offers

Medical Massage

Neuromuscular Therapy

Manual Lymph Drainage 
TMJ Dysfunction Therapy

Prenatal / Pregnancy Massage

Customized Deep Tissue Massage 

Systemic Metabolic Detoxification Program

Swedish Massage

Foot / Hand Reflexology

SansSouci Hot Stone Massage

Couples Massage

Sports / Athletic Massage

 Sans Souci Delight Massage


The Natural Wellness Guide - 

Vitamins, Minerals -

Zening Wholistic Is A Body Therapy And Wellness Studio. We Work With The Principles Of Wholism To Help Our Guests To feel And Look The Best They Can.

 Food Supplements -

Our goals are to help our guests with ache pain and stress/tension relief and to reach a state of integration wellness and a feeling of wholistic well-being.

Herbs, Natural Exttracts -

We provide our clients access to a wide range of therapeutic grade Dietary Supplements,


we also provide information and tips on how to buy and use these for the best results. 

 Science Based Designer Anti-aging Formulae

Just like with the foods you eat, the quality, purity, and potency of the ingredients that go into your nutritional supplements really do matter.


Our suppliers, Pure Encapsulations and Life Extension Foundation are committed to sourcing the highest quality raw materials, and creating the best supplements money can buy, for more than 3 decades.

We Provide Mobile In-home, In-office and Special Events Services in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

A 24-hour cancellation policy is in effect.

Credit card information is required at the time of making an appointment.

60% of the price of the service may be charged in cash or to your Credit Card in the event of a late cancellation, except when the sum of such fee is limited by contractual obligations with other partners.
The full fee of the service will be charged to your Credit card or in cash, in the event of a cancellation 12 hours or less before your appointment, or in the event of a No-Show.
If you do not accept the terms of our Cancellation Policy, please contact us within 90 minutes of making your appointment to cancel that appointment.

Our business hours

Monday - Saturday09:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Here Are Some Simple Ways To Check For Bad Breath Yourself:

  • Lick the back of your hand, let the saliva dry and then smell the saliva.
  • Floss your back teeth and smell the floss.
  • A whitish, fuzzy tongue may also indicate the presence of bacteria and any VSCs (sulfur compounds). Try using a clean cotton ball to wipe the coating on your tongue and then smell it.
  • Scraping the back of the tongue with a clean plastic spoon and smelling the saliva can help you detect odorous breath too.
  • Ask your best friend or a family member (They must have abstained from coffee or alcohol for 24+ hours). They may not tell you the truth though.


Two Things To Know:

  • Unless your odorous breath is caused by very poor dental and oral hygiene then the cause will be from Gastrointestinal malfunctions. Malfunctions of the GI System almost always involve an imbalance in the microflora and ecology of the system.   You Can Fix That
  • Dental and oral disease and/or neglect, and GI System malfunction very often lead to heart problems or disease.
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