Our healing massage offerings span a range of techniques: remedial deep tissue massage for pain, sports massage relaxation and tmj therapy massage.

 Integrated Deep Tissue / Neuromuscular Therapy

This is an effective customised Massage intended to relieve deep muscular tension. It is massage for pain and soreness.  It may also induce relaxation, and promote restful sleep for many ndividuals.

The 90 and 120-minute sessions includes several minutes of critical Stretch Therapy. 


Integrated Bodytherapy massage may also help to repair and heal muscle and tendon injuries, as well as repair scar tissue from torn or injured muscle and tendon. Need More Info? Click Here


Prices: 60-min $95.00,


 90-min 142.50,    


120-min $190


For Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger point release, TMJ therapy

and Customised massage - 


Call 201-963-8830,  or send an email from the Contact Us Page.

Swedish Massage

  A customised Quality Massage, classic soft to firm touch for the relief of superficial tension, muscular soreness and anxiety.

Swedish Massage, is done creatively to promote efficient lymph flow, induce relaxation and feelings of well-being.

The 90 and 120-minute sessions includes several minutes of critical Stretch Therapy.



60-min. $95.00,  


90 - min $142..50,   


120-min $190.00



For Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger point release, TMJ massage therapy and Customised massage - 


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Zening Packages - Save Big On Your Wellness Sessions!

Customised Couples Massage

What separates us from other providers is the Quality of our work.


Both of you will be massaged lying side by side, a female therapist will work with the male

partner and a male therapist with the female partner or you may request a different arrangement.


Book a session today, you and your partner will love the exquisite tactile experience.


You may also Enhance your session with an   Aromatherapy potion Blend.


  Price: 60-min $190.00  


 And we add an extra 10 min FREE, to celebrate your relationship.


Find Our Onsite Chair Massage Services Here...Onsite Chair Massage Services.

The Joy of Maternity - Wholistic Wellness Massage

We offer safe, caring full body massage to relieve the aches and tensions of a growing pregnancy.

Your experience will be both remedial and enjoyable.Women at all stages of pregnancy are welcome. We are prepared to work with bellies of all sizes and configuration; your comfort is our first concern.

Pregnancy is a natural process, Prenatal women are regular healthy people, not women with a medical condition called pregnancy.


However, we are aware that some pregnant women may have health challenge(s) of some kind, as long as such women are released by their MDs to receive massage, we are ready to work with them, effectively.


Prices: 75-min $115, 


 90-min $172.50


Call Us Today: Call 201-963-8830 or       Email

SanSouci Beach Bliss Revitalizing Therapy –

This is a 90 min customised therapeutic Full body massage, done with a blend of coconut oil and fragrance-free lotion.  An aromatherapy enhancement is available, choose from our house list of five blends.  


This treatment may include deep tissue massage, a 5-minute stimulating, soothing head massage, with or without oil.  Beach Bliss is customised to deliver pain and tension relief as well as awaken your tactile senses.

The 90 and 120-minute sessions may include several minutes of critical Stretch Therapy.

It feels good and induces wellness.


Price: 90-min.  $142.00

                 We Will, We Will Rock You!

                                                                                    Hot Stone Massage 

 Sanssouci Hot Rock Massage is a full body massage like you have never had before.

You will enjoy the healing, exhilarating energy of our hot lava rocks on your body.  The 90 and 120-minute sessions may include several minutes of critical Stretch Therapy and deep tissue massage if needed.


We Will Rock You.

This may be a treatment on its own, or it may be enhanced with an aromatherapy blend of your choice. (price adjustments may apply).


   Prices: 75-min $110,              90-min $147,                120-min $215

Specialized Massage

Manual lymph Drainage Therapy 

Manual lymph Drainage Therapy uses a protocol of gentle massage techniques to activate the natural drainage of the lymph in the body's tissues spaces.


Manual lymph drainage requires a specific amount of pressure, to be applied to the superficial lymph organs (about 9 ounces per square inch) and rhythmic movements to stimulate lymph flow.


The therapist should work with flat hands, using all the fingers to simulate gentle, specific wave-like movements. These subtle manual manoeuvres activate lymph and interstitial fluid circulation as well as stimulate the functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems.


 Learn more


Prices: 60 min. $80,   30 min. $45.00 





Sports Massage

 Pre-Event, Post Event, Injury Relief  


Pre-event, Post-event and injury relief techniques are used according to the needs of the individual.

I work with track and field athletes, weight lifters, yoga enthusiasts, dancers and very active individuals who want to get and keep fit.


I apply the principles of Neuromuscular Therapy to Sport Massage sessions: Moderate and deep muscle massage on the areas to be released is combined with assisted, resisted and passive stretches, according to the needs of the individual. Hot / cold Lava rocks may be applied, if appropriate.

Prices: 60 min - $95,    90 min - 142.50,   120 min- $190

Sanssouci Delight is a wholistic, therapeutic sensuous massage that stimulates free flow among the chakra energy centres.

The Second Chakra may become receptive and activated with  

this treatment, it's energies may flow through to the other centres and permeates your whole being with uplifting, exhilarating, sensuous healing pleasure. The energy flow is balanced to maintain the wholisticnature of the experience.


On a basic physical level, Sanssouci Delight is a therapeutic massage that helps to erase pain, stress, tension, and soreness by opening and integrating all the quadrants of the body with the sensuous energies of the 2nd Chakra.  It stimulates your body to secrete Dopamine and its own anti-inflammatory chemicals 

that alleviate pain and tension.


Sanssouci Delight consists of standard massage techniques combined with full body, long flowing and side to side strokes; body moulding gentle movements and stretches. It is similar in many ways to Lomi Lomi massage of Hawaii.  


You too can enjoy the rare pleasure of an unhurried, laid-back session. All you need to do is attend

for an appointment; be in the moment; suspend cerebral activities, and feel. Feel the stress, tension, and soreness

 released from your body; feel as your tactile senses are enveloped in delicious sensuous bliss under the caring hands of an intuitive skillful therapist.


Experience the transcendence of your inner being over the mediocrity of daily life.


Add some hot rocks to a Delight treatment to make it a really awesome experience.



PRICES: 90 min $150    120 min $200


Appointments are available in our studios:

 Washington Street, Hoboken NJ

Ph: 201-963-8830


274 Madison Ave, (suite 1205), New York, NY

Ph: 646-456-5221



Reflexology - Heals Naturally

Reflexology works on reflex areas in the feet that correspond to organs, glands and all parts of the body.

It relieves stress, tension, and congestion on a systemic cellular level and so helps the body to heal naturally.


Reflexology helps with many kinds of health issues arising out of physical and emotional stress and tension;

chemical/hormonal imbalances and other systemic conditions.


Price: $85 per session - 50 - 60 Min 

First Time Guests, take a 10% Economy Discount.


 Learn More Reflexology

Make an appointment, Call 201-963-8830 No Text Msgs.

Appointments, Payment, Cancellation

Address:  119 Washington Street (3rd Floor), Hoboken NJ 07030

Ph: 201-963-8830


274 Madison Ave, (suite 1205), New York, NY

Ph: 646-456-5221


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A 24-hour cancellation policy is in effect.
Credit card information is required at the time of making an appointment.
60% of the price of the service may be charged in cash or to your Credit Card in the event of a late cancellation, except when the sum of such fee is limited by contractual obligations with other partners.
The full fee of the service will be charged to your Credit card or in cash, in the event of a cancellation 12 hours or less before your appointment, or in the event of a No-Show.
If you do not accept the terms of our Cancellation Policy, please contact us within 90 minutes of making your appointment to cancel that appointment.
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