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  •  A 60-minute A-plus Quality massage for $69.
  • A 75 Minute Prenatal or Postpartum Massage for $98.
  • A 90-minute A-plus Quality Massage for $98.

To get these prices you must be a First Time Guest and YOU MUST MENTION THE SERVICE AND THE PRICE  when making your appointment.




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  • Janel (Friday, September 15 17 05:27 pm EDT)

    Today, I had the opportunity to experience massage with reflexology (it’s amazing how much pain near the big toe can referral elsewhere in the body) and aromatherapy, they all helped release so much tension for me. I’m truly grateful for his talent, patience and intuition.
    Thank you Shaka for your gift of healing touch!

  • Lana vayda (Wednesday, May 10 17 09:47 am EDT)

    What a wonderful experience! Shaka is a master of his craft. My massage was amazing. Shaka managed to apply the perfect amount of pressure to relieve all my tension. I slept like a baby when I got home. I will definitely be back.

  • Marisol Reichhelm (Friday, May 05 17 09:40 pm EDT)

    I have been to the best spas there are and have had tons of massages. After having surgery almost 2 months ago, I looked for someplace close to home and came across Wholistic Bodycare. I have had Lymphatic Drainage treatments from Shaka for the past month. My recovery has improved so much faster with the help of Shaka. He's spiritual and a Master at his work. Even after recovery, I will continue to go to him for massages. Highly recommend.

  • Venkata Yadavalli (Wednesday, April 05 17 09:25 pm EDT)

    I had a massage here today. Shaka provided excellent massage, it was very much professional and experienced massage. I had lot much back and neck pain. You tell your problem and Shaka will focus on it with result. I would recommend this place if anyone looking for perfect massage.

  • Joanne B (Sunday, March 26 17 01:20 pm EDT)

    Wonderful experience start to finish and afterwards. Relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing. Superior products and service. I had a facial and it was spectacular,

  • Joanne B (Sunday, March 26 17 01:17 pm EDT)

    My treatment was wonderful start to finish.. as well as afterwards. I had a facial that was cleansing, relaxing and rejuvenating. The products used are superior as well as the service.

  • Joyce (Thursday, March 23 17 09:11 pm EDT)

    My back was so tight that I had difficulty raising my arm without it hurting. Shaka stayed late to fit me in his schedule. He knew how to gently release the tension and knew what other muscles were impacting the area in pain. I had a great night sleep. Thank you Shaka!!

  • Sara (Friday, February 03 17 04:07 pm EST)

    This was the best facial I ever got! The products were wonderful and the skill was amazing. Unorthodox and fun, my skin looks great.

  • Mary Mikaels (Thursday, February 02 17 08:59 pm EST)

    Had an incredible massage!! I've had tension in my neck and shoulders for years and not been able to do anything about it. Today I feel like 50 lbs have been lifted off my shoulders, I feel so light. Less tension, more relaxed and happier. Definitely recommend!!

  • Debra Richards (Monday, January 16 17 08:35 pm EST)

    Got such a great facial today! The products used were awesome and left my skin looking and feeling wonderful. The face and neck massage that were part of the package were awesome. Great place and great staff!

  • Wiseman (Friday, August 12 16 08:03 am EDT)

    This is crsatyl clear. Thanks for taking the time!

  • Vera Gengaro (Monday, April 04 16 10:59 pm EDT)

    Had the best massage ever! Therapeutic, healing and renewing. I have literally a new pep in my step! Did not really see how back pain was effecting my life. One visit and I'm hooked! Thank You!

  • Eva Powel (Saturday, January 30 16 07:09 pm EST)

    EXCELLENT - One of the most thorough, adventurous massages I have had in my life.

    I often hop from masseuse to masseuse, as no one has ever stood out with respect to talent or price. I found Shaka of Zening Wholistic on Living Social and am very lucky I did. I received an amazing
    massage and stretching session, which relaxied and stimulated my entire body. Where past massages feel text book, Shaka's was more reactive and customized to how my body was and what it needed. He
    immediately noticed an ongoing posture issue I have and other characteristics of my body. A massage from Shaka is all about the art of massage, and less about the candles and stereotypical spa
    setting. Come here to experience a massage by a true expert.

  • Fabiola (Saturday, December 12 15 02:41 pm EST)

    I am very much pleased with Shaka J prenatal massage. Being that is my first time a man massaging me other than my husband. Shaka made sure to take his time with me. That was mostly what I needed a
    support that made my massage experience a huge hit. I am extremely thankful to encounter this well gentleman that knows how to work with a pregnant woman's needs. I defiantly recommend his massages
    due to being a great journey for my body.

  • Cee (Monday, July 13 15 05:29 pm EDT)

    If your looking for somewhere that will make you feel good and get the job done then this is the right place . I'm actually getting a massage by Shaka at this moment ! He is great and always
    accommodating with my busy schedule . After I leave I feel brand new !

  • Traycee (Tuesday, June 30 15 02:21 pm EDT)

    Today I visited Shaka for the first time, I had sports-related issues with my ankle & arm. Shaka listened to my complaints and really focused on those areas with skill and expertise, all the
    while having a concern for my comfort. I highly recommend him!

  • HATTIE GRAHAM (Saturday, October 13 12 09:56 pm EDT)


  • Dr Scott J. Fox (Friday, March 02 12 06:57 am EST)

    extremely effective, providing a whole body deep tissue massage and emphasizing areas that were very tight, particularly my shoulders.

  • Andi (Friday, December 09 11 04:51 am EST)

    I bow down humbly in the prseence of such greatness.

  • Mar (Tuesday, May 31 11 12:51 pm EDT)

    Thumbs up!

    They were amazing! I went with my husband. His gal quickly knew he had TMJ and helped releave his pain. My masseuse really took his time in smoothing out all my muscles in my lower back. I have
    chronic pain so it was much needed. We will definitely be regulars!

  • val (Saturday, May 14 11 03:55 pm EDT)

    I am big on trying discounted massages, well, I really got lucky...My body hasn't felt this good in a very long time, Shaka really knows his business, he is mellow and makes you feel comfortable, his
    place is not ordinary, it has a homey really cool atmosphere..But most importantly, he knows how to make you feel better and thats all that matters to me!! Fantastic is an understatement...I'll be

  • Janet Joyce (Monday, May 09 11 10:05 am EDT)

    Had a Mother's Day massage, and Shaka is a superlative professional, with skilled hands. I have had many-many massages, and he is at the top of his profession. He hit every tension point. Very serene
    atmosphere, much like the practitioners out west, his studio is in his apartment. Billie Holiday playing, nice change from the new age background stuff. Will definitely be back.

  • Tara (Monday, April 25 11 07:49 pm EDT)

    I hadn't had a massage in over a year because I was saving for a home. My boyfriend surprised me with a gift certificate to Sans Souci and I immediately scheduled a massage.
    I've had many massages in the past, but this was the BEST I've ever had. I needed to find a place in the area and I don't plan on ever letting as much time go by as before. I realized how important
    to my health and well being massage is. I can't wait to schedule my next appointment!

  • Cathy (Wednesday, April 20 11 06:07 pm EDT)

    I workout at the gym 5 times a week and am always sore and achy, so I'm constantly looking for a great Massage therapist that can really fix me. I look for someone who knows his muscle groups and
    tension points. Well instead of treking to NY every month, I think I finally found a place close to home, Shaka was definately on point, I left the place feeling relieved, relaxed and brand new. He
    took his time and knew exactly where my knots where and what to do. I highly recommend him to everyone!

  • Kari B (Friday, February 25 11 08:38 am EST)

    I have recently been going back to the gym and was getting the worst knots under my shoulder blades running into my neck. I went to Shaka because I had read all of the great reviews on here, so I
    gave him a try... I am so happy I did! My back feels 100 times better! and he spent extra time on the places that were bothering me the most. I went for a 90 min deep tissue and opted for option 2.
    No only did he work on me for like an hour longer then he had to but he was very informational. I would recommend him to everyone!!

  • CrystalB (Thursday, November 18 10 11:08 pm EST)

    I try to get a massage as often as possible. For me, even the not so good ones help a little.
    I never thought though, that one day I will get a massage that is so impressive, I will feel compelled to write a testimonial for the masseur.
    That time came recently when I decided to have a session in my apartment. I had heard about aaa Massage mobile/Sans Souci Holistic so I called them and made an appointment with a guy name Shaka for a
    90 minute session. Shaka came over with all his professional massage stuff.
    It took me a few minutes to relax, but the rest of the massage was a delight, I got these thrilling goose bumps which i never got before in a massage, with the warm lotion and the firm intuitive
    touch that got into all my tension spots. Shaka knows how to find the trouble points and work them out.
    I had a persistent nagging pain in my lower back for several weeks, I got off the massage table and it was gone. It is more than a week since that massage and the pain is still gone.
    Though the recession has affected my income, I will still call Shaka for my regular treat.
    I totally recommend Sans Souci Holistic.
    Crystal B,

  • Amanda G. (Thursday, November 11 10 09:37 pm EST)

    Folks, if you are looking for an otherworldly escape, a sublimely aesthetic kind of expectation, you will not find it here. There are no candlelit hallways or panpipe love songs being pumped in. It
    is an apartment converted to a massage salon. The space is clean, serene and tasteful though, the bathroom is clean and it serves its purpose.

    To be sure, you come to this place that goes by different names, not for a "spa experience" but for Shaka.s hands, I am sure the the girls that work with him are good too but in my case it is Shaka.
    Frankly, I'd much rather have his masterful digits on my skin, penetrating into the aching flesh underneath, than some artifice designed to ‘play’ on my mind.

    Besides, if you aren't relaxed after a few minutes with Shaka, there's little hope that anything else might help you.

    And by the way, he gave me a consent form to choose from the two styles he provides, I was a bit curious and I selected “option 2”. That was a good choice for me, I can only say that it deliciously
    altered my state of consciousness. If you go to Shaka for a massage and if you can stop thinking too much for a while, select “Option 2” lie down on the massage bed and let his hands talk with your

    Before a massage, I usually tell my masseur that I am ticklish. I explained this to him before he started. And as he administered the most amazing massage I have ever had, I was happily surprised
    that I almost never felt tickled.

    Unlike any massage before, my session with Shaka felt like it was designed for me. It included some compression and stretching which felt amazing. The guy is gifted with intuition as well as equipped
    with a good understanding of anatomy. Where other massage therapists feel like they' simply going through the motions, I felt like he was very present and had a genuine desire to leave me feeling
    better than when I came in.

    I think Shaka is actually gifted for this kind of body massage. I had a massage elsewhere 3 weeks later and the entire time on the table I could only think of Shaka.

    It is possible that he has ruined me for all others.

    I highly recommend AAA Massage Services/Integrated Bodytherapy. I especially recommend Shaka for any woman who wants to enjoy a delicious, deeply therapeutic massage.

    Thank you Shaka, I will be back soon.

    Amanda G.

Massage & Body Therapy Protocols Offered At Our Studio


  • Customized Deep Tissue Massage
  •  Swedish Massage
  • Foot / Hand Reflexology
  • SansSouci Hot Stone Massage
  • Couples Massage
  • Prenatal / Pregnancy Massage
  • Sports / Athletic Massage
  • Potion / Aromatherapy Massage​​​​​
  • Sans Souci Delight Massage
  • Medical / Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy
  • TMJ Dysfunction Therapy
  • Facial Masks and Neuromuscular Face Lift
  • Information, and Guidance  For The Effective Use of Nutritional Supplements
  • Access to Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins and Other Dietary Supplements
A 24-hour cancellation policy is in effect.

Credit card information is required at the time of making an appointment.

60% of the price of the service may be charged in cash or to your Credit Card in the event of a late cancellation, except when the sum of such fee is limited by contractual obligations with other partners.
The full fee of the service will be charged to your Credit card or in cash, in the event of a cancellation 12 hours or less before your appointment, or in the event of a No-Show.
If you do not accept the terms of our Cancellation Policy, please contact us within 90 minutes of making your appointment to cancel that appointment.

Our business hours

Monday - Saturday09:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Here Are Some Simple Ways To Check For Bad Breath Yourself:

  • Lick the back of your hand, let the saliva dry and then smell the saliva.
  • Floss your back teeth and smell the floss.
  • A whitish, fuzzy tongue may also indicate the presence of bacteria and any VSCs (sulfur compounds). Try using a clean cotton ball to wipe the coating on your tongue and then smell it.
  • Scraping the back of the tongue with a clean plastic spoon and smelling the saliva can help you detect odorous breath too.
  • Ask your best friend or a family member (They must have abstained from coffee or alcohol for 24+ hours). They may not tell you the truth though.


Two Things To Know:

  • Unless your odorous breath is caused by very poor dental and oral hygiene then the cause will be from Gastrointestinal malfunctions. Malfunctions of the GI System almost always involve an imbalance in the microflora and ecology of the system.   You Can Fix That
  • Dental and oral disease and/or neglect, and GI System malfunction very often lead to heart problems or disease.
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