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Prenatal/Postpartum Massage

The Joy of Pregnancy


We offer safe, caring wholistic pregnancy massage massage for the relief of the aches and tensions of a growing pregnancy. Your experience will be both remedial and enjoyable.


Women at all stages of pregnancy are welcome.    


Online Special: A 75-Minute Prenatal or Postpartum Massage for $82.00  Call Now  


A 90-min  session is $123.00   Call  Today and save an extra $15.00


Call 201-963-8830 or send an email.

Service available in Hoboken, NJ.


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Sans Souci Hot Stone Massage

 Sanssouci Hot Rock Massage is a full body massage like you have never had before.

We Will Rock You!


You will enjoy the healing, exhilarating energy of our hot lava rocks on your body.  The  treatment protocol may some NeuroMuscular  Stretch Therapy.


This may be a treatment on its own, or it may be enhanced with an aromatherapy blend of your choice. (price adjustments may apply).  


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A 90-min Hot Stone Massage is $130. 

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Facial Lift Massage

Natural Results NeuroMuscular Facial Lift and Rejuvenation A natural facelift that uses NeuroMuscular inter-oral massage techniques to release tension and congestion in facial soft tissue.


The rest of the treatment includes gentle exfoliation, a peel, an appropriate Repechage facial Masque and massage with nourishing cream or serum to revitalise your skin and restore it's soft natural radiance.  


Though all ages may benefit from this treatment, the most dramatic results may be seen in individuals 35 and over. Ideal before a special event, or after any stressful activity or experience.


Today's Reduced Price:

A 75-min Facial Lift Treatment $165.  

Book A Visit Today And Save an Extra $10.00   


(Series of 7 treatments $981.75)

Introductory Price: 75-Min Of Thai Massage Only $80

Traditional Thai Massage By Amii

Thai Massage -  Effective Relief of Aches, Pains and Tension, Try a Wellness Package Of 6 SessionsToday

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