Treatment Options 

Customised Massages

Deep issue/NeuroMuscular Massage 

  • Swedish Massage
  • Couples Massage

Hot Stone & Beach Bliss Massages

  • Hot Rock Massage
  • Beach Bliss Massage


PreNatal & Post Pregnancy Massage

All stages of pregnancy are welcomed, all can have a massage.

Specialty Treatments

  • Manual Lymph Movement Therapy
  • Sports / Atlethic Massage
  • Foot & Hand Reflexology
  • TMJ/TMD Massage 

Office & Special Events Massage

Stress Down Day Onsite Massage For Your Office, Party,  Special Event or  Just Friends Day...

Zening Aromatherapy Potions

 Pharmaceutical Grade essential oils and extracts blended to add natural healing and wellness elements to enhance your massage experience:- 

You May Also Try Our Energizer Foot Treatment. 

Somatic Delight Experience

Somatic Delight is A Wholistic/Holistic, Sensuous Therapeutic Tactile Experience.  It stimulates free flow of the chakra energies and especially resonates with the 2nd and heart chakras.

New York Specials & Happy Hour

 Customized  Neuromuscular Therapy/Massage

An Effective Massage To Release Muscular Tension, Promote Pain Relief And Deep Relaxation.

caring wholistic pregnancy massage for the relief of the aches and tensions of a growing pregnancy. Your experience will be both helpful and enjoyable. 

In-Home Massage Services:

INew Jersey - A 60-minute Session For $145.00  Sales Tax Included.


New York City - a 60-minute Massage For $165.


Call Only - 201-963-8830

Text - 347-766-1198

A 24-hour cancellation policy is in effect.

Credit card information is required at the time of making an appointment.

60% of the price of the service may be charged in cash or to your Credit Card in the event of a late cancellation, except when the sum of such fee is limited by contractual obligations with other partners.
The full fee of the service will be charged to your Credit card or in cash, in the event of a cancellation 12 hours or less before your appointment, or in the event of a No-Show.
If you do not accept the terms of our Cancellation Policy, please contact us within 90 minutes of making your appointment to cancel that appointment.

Our business hours

Monday - Friday10:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Saturday, Sunday10:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Here Are Some Simple Ways To Check For Bad Breath Yourself:

  • Lick the back of your hand, let the saliva dry and then smell the saliva.
  • Floss your back teeth and smell the floss.
  • A whitish, fuzzy tongue may also indicate the presence of bacteria and any VSCs (sulfur compounds). Try using a clean cotton ball to wipe the coating on your tongue and then smell it.
  • Scraping the back of the tongue with a clean plastic spoon and smelling the saliva can help you detect odorous breath too.
  • Ask your best friend or a family member (They must have abstained from coffee or alcohol for 24+ hours). They may not tell you the truth though.


Two Things To Know:

  • Unless your odorous breath is caused by very poor dental and oral hygiene then the cause will be from Gastrointestinal malfunctions. Malfunctions of the GI System almost always involve an imbalance in the microflora and ecology of the system.   You Can Fix That
  • Dental and oral disease and/or neglect, and GI System malfunction very often lead to heart problems or disease.
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