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This Is The Zening Curated Quad-Pack Heroes.  They Work In Synergy To Create A Healthy Gastro-Intestinal System, Immune System And Clean Breath.


There Is No One Product That Can Help The Gastro-intestinal System And Help Produce Clean Breath. If Anyone Tells You Otherwise, They Are Lying Or They Are Ignorant About The Subject.


There Is Always The Feeling You Can Get These From The Manufacturers. You Can, But They Would Cost You Much More Than Our Package.




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We have crafted an effective wholistic, nutritional protocol to create and maintain clean healthy breath.

If you are not sure about the quality of your breath or you are not satisfied with what you know, don't hesitate, get your 

Wholistic Pro/Pre Biotic Quad Pack for good oral health and clean breath. 

The main effect of this program will be an improved Gastrointestinal System. Possible side effects may be an improved immune system. 


But you don't have to struggle with unpleasant breath and those other unhealthy issues any longer.

Get and use the Wholistic ProBiotic Pack today and you will be on your way to clean smelling breath

and an improved digestive intestinal system. 


If you also experience discomfort after meals, gas, bloating, noisy digestion, acid reflux/heartburn,  constipation, diarrhoea or both,  Your digestive system is in a state of dysbiosis and bad breath is one if the natural result.

The Probiotic Pack was curated by Zening Wholistic. We carefully selected each appropriate product from the most trusted manufacturers in nutritional supplements in North America for their purity and potency.

Use your Zening Probiotic Pack consistently and say goodbye to unpleasant breath. Some individuals have seen results in the first 20 days. 


The Wholistic Probiotic Pack Is Not a Cheap Sale Item, It Is a Powerful Effective Tool For Good Natural Health.

Order your Pack Today And Save Big.

Price: 136.80

Per Quad Pack

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Systemic Detox Program

 Get a Pure Genomic Analysis And Create Your Own Personal Wellness Protocol. That Could Be Your Guide To Revitalise The Microbiome Of Your Major Biological Systems And Realize Natural, Sustainable Wellness.

 * This easy-to-follow 90-day program is designed to reinvigorate healthy gastrointestinal, liver and blood function. It enhances and supercharges the immune system.

Systemic Metabolic Detox Program Goals:

  • Balance gut microflora Probiotic cultures provide direct support for a healthy intestinal tract by supporting nutrient assimilation and immune defence. The fermentation of soluble fibre, such as psyllium, in the gut also provides optimal conditions for Lactobacilli and other beneficial bacteria to thrive.
  •  Promote G.I. integrity The integrity of the intestinal lining is essential for limiting the passage of toxins and allergens into the bloodstream. Amino acids and comforting herbs provide cellular energy, support tissue repair and promote a healthy mucosal lining to maintain G.I. integrity.
  •  Support G.I. motility and regularity Insoluble and soluble fibre increase stool volume and transit time when taken with appropriate amounts of water. This means larger and softer stools for healthy bowel movements. As the bulk moves through the intestine, it helps eliminate waste and toxins more quickly, minimizing toxin exposure in the G.I. tract.


Chelate heavy metals: The program helps to defend the body from common, environmental exposures with natural chelating nutrients

  • Enhance liver detoxification Most toxins cannot be readily excreted from the body. The liver must convert them to less toxic compounds or to forms that can easily be eliminated. It does this via a series of Phase I and Phase II enzymatic reactions. This program includes foods, herbs and amino acids that have been shown to encourage the liver’s detoxification enzymes. 
  • Encourage bile flow Stimulating the digestive process, specifically bile secretion and bile flow, is an integral factor for toxin elimination. Bile binds to fat-soluble toxins and helps remove them from the G.I. tract, reducing toxin exposure in the gut.


  • Chelate heavy metals The program helps to defend the body from common, mild environmental exposures with natural chelating nutrients. The primary mechanism for this involves a unique low molecular weight modified citrus pectin, which, unlike other pectins, works systemically (not just in the gut) to bind heavy metals. Other herbs and nutrients support the body’s natural processes for elimination and excretion of heavy metals




The statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We offer free informed guidance in the best use of nutritional supplements to help you get the best results from your vitamins, herbs, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants etc . 

Zening Wholistic is pleased to introduce PureGenomics, the modern way to select and use nutrition for maximum results.


Learn more about precision nutrition at PureGenomics.com




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